12 responses to “Pea and mint soup and Hugo’s new byline

  1. Hugo needs to re think his aversion to anything green because this soup sounds delicious. I had no idea that peas were such a wealth of vitamins and had the ability to lower the glycemic index of whatever they are added to.
    Now for Hugo, well congrats on the affiliation with NUDJ, Izzy and Nando now want to look into it. I like picture no, 2, shows you hard at work, focused and thats what you are all about right Hugo? Try the pea soup, I think you will like it!!

    • Thank you Mrs Pug for the congratulations and your comment on my portrait. I think that you’re right – the picture where I’m wearing my glasses does make me look more studious. Please give Izzy and Nando my love and tell them that if they need a sponsor to join the union, I’m happy to help, despite the fact that, as I said, I have precious little spare time. Mind you, you sound like less of a slave-driver than Bossy so I don’t really know if they need to join… Love, Hugo.

  2. I love the second illustration. So cute!

    The soup sounds wonderful. Mint and peas are such a classic combination.

  3. Hugo, I must introduce you to my friend Rolo http://debievans.wordpress.com/

    • Thank you Sally for introducing me to Rolo; he sounds quite the scallywag. I’ll read more of his dlog when I have time – I have to go and deal with some deer now. I must say that I’d rather deer than dragons – they sound a bit scary to me. Love, Hugo.

  4. Haha!! I’m loving Hugo, although we might have to agree to disagree on the green stuff…because this soup looks fab… I have to say that the second Hugo drawing is my favorite..although both are darling! ❤ Awesome post! I look forward to more!!

  5. Hugo, you are missing out. Buddy’s favorite thing to eat is peas. In fact, he has requested them to go with his birthday salmon. Picture number 2 is the winner all around it seems; very dapper.

    • Mrs Stacey –
      Are you sure that Buddy is a dog? I’ve never heard of a dog that likes peas. What are his ears like? Could he be a rabbit? Thank you for voting for picture 2. I think that the glasses definitely enhance my intellectual side.
      Love, Hugo.

  6. I love soups, all kinds of soups. This one looks particularly good, I’ll give it a try ASAP 😀 Take a look at my Pea Puree http://youngandhungryblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/hake-in-a-lemon-broth-with-pea-puree/ Please comment 🙂 xx

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