After 20 years as a freelance journalist/marketing consultant, I decided to study naturopathy and gained a diploma in Natural Health Education and Consultation from the AMCC.
I have since become an enthusiastic advocate of β€˜real’, nutritious and tasty food. The food I usually prepare is probably best described as a healthy, spiced-up take on traditional French fare. As I seem to spend much of my time either making it, eating it or clearing it up, I thought that I might as well blog about it as well.
Although I try to cook using wholesome, healthy ingredients most of the time, I strongly believe that these criteria shouldn’t ever detract from the enjoyment of food. So don’t be surprised if, from time-to-time you see the odd recipe that isn’t strictly 100% healthy. In my opinion, like chicken soup, occasional decadence is good for the soul. πŸ˜‰
Having lived in the UK, USA and now France for the past 30 years, I have eclectic culinary tastes. I live in the β€˜Landes’ area of Gascony, south-western France. My main, extremely discerning β€˜guinea pigs’ are my French husband and son. The dogs (both neurotic) and chickens (much chased, ergo also neurotic) are secondary β€˜guinea pigs’. I’m proud to say that I invariably meet with their approval. Our horses, however, remain dedicated vegans, which doesn’t make them too saintly to escape from their field on a weekly basis.
I love to ride, hike, ski, cook, take photos, write and talk. I do yoga every day and am trying to love it; for the moment my bad back is very keen and I’m sure at some point my mind will follow. πŸ˜‰ I am also prone to sporadic ranting (maybe the yoga will sort this out?) My taste for travel has diminished since moving to paradise.
Please feel free to contact me : thehealthyepicurean@orange.fr

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