Yoga: A free trial class

Tamsin Chubb, yoga instructor

I’m not a natural candidate for yoga: I’m easily distracted, tend to hyperactivity, and have a rather self-destructive affinity to dangerous sports. But these things actually make me a perfect candidate for yoga; virtually everyone is a perfect candidate for yoga! I started to practise on a regular basis when my love for the more high-risk sports caused my back pain to become debilitating, and, not only has it been a godsend, I have come to really enjoy it.

Tamsin runs an exquisite yoga retreat from her home in southwest France. She offers intimate, thoughtfully designed courses aimed to reset, balance and strengthen.

Tamsin also offers really excellent online yoga classes, and if you mention The Healthy Epicurean she will offer you a free trial class.

Give it a go – there’s something to suit all levels.

Tamsin Chubb, yoga instructor


  • Mark Holden

    Hello Fiona
    I’m so glad to hear your thoughts on Yoga. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed having a browse through the website link you shared. It certainly looks an ‘exquisite place !’ Looks like heaven and the information, recipes etc , great ! You sometimes lose yourself when looking at places so nice and learning what others are doing and what they offer to people. I was about to congratulate you on such a beautiful pose on your post but having looked at the other website, I realised it was the yoga teacher. I am sure you look identical when practicing!! It’s good to hear what you have gained through yoga after initially feeling it was not for you. I have always been drawn to it. You never know, as in your case, perhaps I should try some extreme sports!!!
    I see there is of today another email from you. Thank you, I will take a look
    Kind regards
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  • kristenann

    Good for you for sticking to a yoga practice! I am off and on, mostly off, with it. I always feel great afterwards, but for some reason have resistance to getting started every single time.

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