All-natural perfume making, or the new sourdough bread

One of my blogging friends in the US, Kristen Schuhmann, whose blog, Blossom Herbs, is a go-to for all things herb-related, has written a beautiful book: All-Natural Perfume Making, fragrances to lift your mind, body and spirit. Banana bread, sourdough starters, supermarket toilet-roll brawls begone! Natural scents are order of the day.

The title is actually slightly misleading because this a gorgeous book is about so much more than just natural perfume making; I particularly appreciated the chapter that explains the different essential oils, and their benefits to both body and mental health. In these difficult times, there are so many essential oils that help with stress, anxiety and depression: Sweet Orange, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, to name but a few.

In Kristen’s words: ‘this book tells you how to create natural perfumes from natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, garden, or liquor cabinet, plus essential oils (though you don’t actually need them). There are recipes to play with and instructions on how to create your very own signature scent. Alcohol based, oil based, and solid perfume instructions are all there, and the mental and emotional benefits of the essential oils are discussed so you can create with your health in mind as well as your aesthetic sensibilities.’

There are inspirational recipes for blends for weight management, relaxation, antidepressant, illness prevention, digestive health, etc., and clear instructions on how to create them. Another chapter I found particularly interesting was ‘Chakra Perfumes’. I love crystals, but it had never occurred to me to combine them with essential oils.

This book is beautifully illustrated – you can smell the scents waft from the pages. It would make a thoughtful gift, either to yourself, or a loved one…

5 responses to “All-natural perfume making, or the new sourdough bread

  1. Thank you so much Fiona!💜 I so appreciate your time checking out the book and sharing it so thoughtfully, especially during a busy time!!🌸I hope everything is going well with your family. Sending healthy wishes to you and yours!✨

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  3. This book looks beautiful 💛
    Thank you for highlighting it.
    Have always been interested in finding a natural perfume
    Up till now, it has been a “dab” of essential oil on clothing!

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