France : Chili Pepper Market in Basque Country ( 80 photos ).

I wanted to reblog this as it’s quite close to us and because I use ‘piment d’Espelette’ all the time.


chili pepper market

78-basque country landscape

 Located on the foothill of the Southern Pyrenees and close to the Spanish border, Espelette is an authentic basque village which has preserved its traditions. Numerous monuments witness of its heritage but Espelette is above all renown thanks to sun dried fragrant Chili pepper……the pepper celebration takes place each year in October, this is the opportunity to discover all the local food produced here in the French Basque Country. Come with us for a walk!

02-hiking basque country espelette

92-espelette town hall

79-basque country off the beaten track

89-basque country house espelette


03-walking basque country

We are here in the Basque Country

04-freedom for the basque country espelette

80-hiking basque country

and here the people enjoy going out and celebrating their culture,

09-walking holidays france espelette

sharing with friends .

08-hiking france basque country espelette

Then follow us to the pepper celebration

62-basque house espelette

in the streets of  one of the “PLus Beaux Village de France”.


57-biking holidays in france

21-walk travel basque country

06-walking basque country

07-hiking basque country espelette

51-basque country red chili pepper

50-red pepper chili espelette

59-discover france by biking

cycling around basque country ici et la

Cycling around Basque Country in France – More information on our website : Click here.

56-red chili pepper espelette

17- market basque country

61-iribarne producteur basque country

81-basque country travel

80-espelette red chili pepper woman

52-espelette chili market

53-espelette market basque country

54-confrerie rochelaise tete de veau

05-walking trip basque country espelette

91-espelette accordeoniste

82-red chili pepper espelette

chili pepper market


11-biking holidays france basque country

27-basque country cheese

26-south france biking holidays

cycling around basque country ici et la

 Cycling around Basque Country in France – More information on our website : Click here.

10-walking tour france basque country

86-basque cheese

29-basque country by bike

69-basque cheese

66-basque cheese espelette

23-basque country cheese

24-discover france by bike espelette

90-la maison du fromage espelette

68-banda basque country espelette

55-lous paloumayres de bazats


20-walking holidays france

83-basque country market

25- discover biking france

67-la pitchouli apero

22-travel by bike basque country france

70-chili pepper basque house

75-macarons chili pepper espelette

74- french basque macarons

cycling around basque country ici et la

 Cycling around Basque Country in…

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One response to “France : Chili Pepper Market in Basque Country ( 80 photos ).

  1. It looks like a wonderful festival!

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