Baby rabbits

As promised in my previous post, and especially for Suzanne and Azita here are the baby bunnies 🙂







17 responses to “Baby rabbits

  1. Oh your little bunnies are adorable. Look at those little faces. Soooooo cute!!

  2. Just how CUTE??! Glad it wasn’t a recipe for roast baby rabbit!

  3. Oh I love them!!!! 😀

  4. Too too cute. Interested you’ve filed under ‘savoury’!!

  5. Gutted we missed them!

  6. Oh my God. So sweet and snuggly!

  7. SQUEE! Weeee! You should see me: I’m grinning and melting and delighted all at once. I’ve been crazed trying to make a deadline otherwise I’d have met the little bunny wunny wabbits when you first posted. Thank you for posting the pix! A little baby bunny in a shoe! Oh my gosh, I’m going to die. I have to Pinterest ALL of them, ha ha. 😀

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