Health news

Why cupcakes are the new cocaine
Coke may need to contain a cancer warning
Can eating sugar make you stupid?
A study on the mediterranean diet and its link to decreased chance of illness
Sugar coated scapegoat
Why our food is making us fat
Moderate coffee consumption protects heart
Vitamin D beneficial for respiratory problems in children
Coconut oil attacks tooth decay
Drinking more than four cups a day can halve the risk of dying from mouth or throat cancer
Eat more Roquefort cheese
Any defence of sugar is pure confection
Nourishes mind and body
Vitamin D may treat asthma symptoms
Camomile tea helps fight cancer cells
Vitamin C  kills drug-resistant TB in tests
Misleading food health claims on food packaging
Western affluence causes cancer
Peanut butter for breast health
Eat real butter and cheese and not low-fat alternatives
Excellent article on the REAL causes of cardiovascular disease
Renowned cardiac surgeon says that it’s morally reprehensible to continue to propagate the cholesterol myth
Mediterranean diet is the best prevention for dementia
Artificial sweeteners may promote diabetes
Porridge could be the key to a long life
Advice on fat consumption 30 years ago lacked scientific proof
Exercise – ‘miracle cure’.
Stress and its health implications
Why calories don’t matter
Mediterranean diet effectively reduces heart attack risk
Good reasons to drink coffee
Dried plums to lower colon cancer risk
A daily glass of red wine good for diabetes
A glass of red wine is equivalent to exercise
Doctors receive biased drug training
Turmeric helps to fight tuberculosis
A reduction in cholesterol has no impact on the incidence of heart disease
The dangers of ‘Polypharmacy’
The growing threat of antibiotic resistance
Fish oils superior to statins for treating heart disease
Eating nuts can help reduce cancer risk
High cholesterol due not cause heart disease
Marmite for brain health
Full fat dairy is healthy
Low fat diets can be fatal
Black tea and red wine to limit flu symptoms
Still more benefits of red wine
Too many prescription pills is lowering life expectancy
Cherries improve gut health
There is no evidence that high cholesterol causes heart disease
Red wine might help the pain of osteoarthritis
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