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Gluten-free crumble topping and luxury for horses

I’m a big fan of pashminas (yes I know, they’re so last decade darling but see if I care) and have always thought they must be one of the most versatile, luxurious garments ever invented. I now have further reason for thinking this; out walking Hugo (the bi-polar canine), I spotted a familiar equine shape in the distance; Texas, my husband’s retired racehorse. We are pretty relaxed about freeing him to graze in the grounds during the day, based on two assumptions: 1) being 30 (positively ancient in horse years), he won’t stray too far and 2) he sometimes needs a bit of ‘downtime’ from the others’ hijinks. Apparently our first assumption is wrong as he was about a kilometre from home. Anyway, off came my pale pink pashmina, which I used first as a lasso and then as a halter and leading rein. You don’t get much more versatile than that. It did the trick and then some; he usually shakes his head in irritation and fusses when being led with a halter but you could see the bliss in his eyes when I slipped the soft cashmere around his neck and he followed me home like a lamb.

Crumble topping is also extremely versatile, although I don’t think you could use it to lead a horse home. It can however be used sweet on fruit crumble or savoury on vegetable or meat dishes. In this case I used the topping for a fruit crumble of pineapple, banana and pear that had been poached in rum and a tablespoon of yacon syrup.


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